Health Food OEM/ODM

Health Food OEM/ODM

Supplement Food OEM/ODM

"Health house, health living." On the basis of professional medical background, Everest has the conscientious and satisfying quality to ensure all the food supplement can bring the healthy and beautiful life to each customer.

  • Contract Manufacturing

Everest has been developing OEM/ODM products for over 10years; our dedicated Research and Development team closely follows developing global trends of the health food markets in National and overseas to ensure we are able to introduce the latest products for customer needs and requirements. We have complete equipment and technology. Accept the commissioned development, OEM and export business of domestic and foreign manufacturers to distribute health care products. We have entrusted manufacturing and packaging of solid preparations (tablets, capsules, pellet, and powders). We can do general, stick, and sachet packing to satisfy all customers request.

  • Technical cooperation 

• Pellets

• Liquid-Filled Hard capsule

• Effervescent tablet

• Solid Dispersion Form  

• Matrix Device 

• Delayed-Release Device 

• Modified-Release Device 

• Orally-Disintegrating Device