About Everest

Everest is a pharmaceutical company established in 1978 and located in Taiwan Chiayi, We provide services of upgraded expertise in compliance with PIC/s GMP standards. Specialized in the development of controlled release drug delivery systems. Richly cultivating Taiwan while reaching out to the world.

The production line consists of general solid preparations (capsules/tablets/liquids/ointments) and female hormone independent plants. In addition, Everest has independent products line to produce the supplement food products.

The core technology is to develop a mature dosage-type technology platform, and apply Pellets (microparticle) dosage form platform and controlled release technology to the development of many drugs. The R&D team has successfully developed a number of BEs (human body). Equivalence test) or BE/BA (bioavailability clinical trial) products, quality and effect are stable, and have obtained patents related to many countries, and still continue to face high technical challenges and innovations.

Finished Products Category 

Core technology –Pellet

(Advanced  equipment for the research and development of  pellets drug delivery system) 

Dietary Supplement s


To Improve the bioavailable of theactive  ingredients , Everest  usepellet technical in food supplements .

Contact Information 

Everest Pharm., Industrial Co., Ltd

No. 6-3, Gongye 3rd Rd., TourChyan Ind. Dist., Minsyong Township, Chiayi County 62156, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 



 TEL: +886-5-2218686